Build a Donor Engagement Map

What could you accomplish if you had a clear map to lead your donors?

In Donor Mapping for Higher Ed, you will learn a step-by-step method to lead your donors on a human-centered progression from “interested” to “supportive” and build your own, customized Donor Engagement Map.

with Emily Taylor

Feedback from Donor Participation Project session participants:

“So much great food for thought that actually can be used right away!”

– Aly Evans, Executive Director at Foodnet Meals on Wheels

Excellent presentation! I look forward to participating in the small group sessions.

– Natasha de Luna, Chief Development Officer, Temple University College of Public Health

It was a great session. I look forward to bringing ideas to my team for further discussion.

– Jennifer Janes, Director of Alumni Relations, Hartwick College

Donor Mapping for Higher Ed is for anyone who wants to…

Network with and share engagement ideas with peers

Boost your influence in your Advancement shop

Develop your own Donor Engagement Map

Classes take place in small cohorts and are great for professional relationship-building

Learn a research-based framework to explain how your activities lead your donors through a Donor Experience Map to your desired outcome (most likely making a donation but can be something else!)

Receive guidance from a seasoned expert in design thinking for nonprofits while you develop a donor map for your own institution.


Session 1

Donor Engagement Principles

This session will cover the principles for shifting your team’s thinking to be more donor-centered and begin to explore how your institution currently engages its audience.

Session 2

Next, each participant will start to frame out their own Donor Engagement Map through a collaborative process that allows them to build on each other’s current engagement methods. 

Session 3

Diving deeper into the strategies, participants will learn about barriers to engagement and how to navigate them. They will then use this knowledge to ideate ways to improve donor engagement.

Session 4

In our last session, participants will finalize their Donor Engagement Maps and learn how to maintain it as a living tool that changes with their audience. Questions on how to apply this map to real-life situations will be answered.

Meet your Instructor

Emily Taylor, the principal of teenyBIG, is passionate about helping nonprofits find better ways to engage the people who matter to them. Emily teaches organizations how to apply human-centered design, a process that re-evaluates the experience of a product or service’s end user. Emily’s approach in this area is based on her background working in nonprofit management and industrial design. In the private and nonprofit sectors, she has helped design user-focused campaigns on everything from bicycle safety and arts advocacy to community chambers. She has a bachelor’s degree in industrial design from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Join our September Cohort


Starts on September 9, then every Thursday for four weeks at noon EST.
(September 9, 16, 23, 30)

Contact us to sign up your entire team.

What you get…

  • A donor engagement map framework specifically tailored by you for your institution
  • Video recordings of each session
  • Collaborative learning with peers about engagement at other organizations
  • Access to a closed community to review materials, ask questions, and network in-between Zoom sessions